What Our Clients Say

  The following are indicators of our clients’ feedback about our interventions:

Managing Change and Transformation

"This programme provided us as managers with tools that can support us to facilitate change more effectively." - General Manager in Education

"The PCS change management approach made the difference between success and failure in Nedcor – their approach has been well researched and equipped our managers with the competencies required to manager change effectively. Our resistance to change was dealt with professionally and the people were accelerated towards performance." - HR Project Manager in Nedcor

"The PCS approach supported the leadership team and employees through a very difficult stage of this company’s history. Their approach and methodology is professional and simple. The PCS team supported this business to ensure successful change" - Managing Director, Division of Murray and Robberts

Team Development

"The Wednesday after the Team Development intervention, there was a visible turnaround in my management team…" - General Manager Sales & Marketing in Smollan Holdings

"The PCS approach was mature and professional. My team operates like never before and they are a closely knit unit." - Regional Manager Department of Education

"Our operations team had bad experiences with consultants in the past. PCS changed our thinking of consultants as they supported our operations team to become productive again and instilled a culture of performance in this team." - Operations Director in Yeast Pro

"We have been on many team development" - Manager, De Beers Facilitation Skills

"The PCS Facilitation Skills Programme is the best programme that we evaluated..." - Provincial Co-ordinator Department of Education

"PCS's approach to training and development is very professional and sets the standard for future programs." - Facilitator, Department of Education

"The training approach of PCS equipped me with new skills and not only with a lot of knowledge." - Field Manager, Tiger Brands Field Services

"This programme was already needed ten years ago - fantastic personal value." - Facilitator with 15 years experience, Department of Education

"This is one of the best investments GDE has made." - Director, Gauteng Department of Education

"The material was of excellent quality and a future resource kit." - Management Development Co-ordinator, Department of Education

Management Development

"Although I’m a graduate in Business Science, the MDP taught me how to apply management skills and knowledge in my work environment" -
General Manager Smollan Group

"One can see and experience the difference between those managers that were developed by PCS and those that have not been developed – this development programme is a must for all our managers. Nine of the sixteen "Best-of the Best" awards were allocated to managers trained in the same year by PCS" - Managing Director Tiger Brands Field Services

"We could see the difference in the competence levels of our managers as well as in their performance in the trade. The MDP has certainly delivered tangible returns on the investment" - Client Director, Unilever Channel Management

Self Management

"If I attended this programme 3 years ago, I would still have my family under one roof…" - HR Manager, Eskom

" The Self Management Programme prepared our people for the demands of a process oriented organisation. The people in my department are no longer reactive – they take the lead and the initiative" - Group HR Manager, Eskom

" This programme is the best investment any company has ever made in me – it’s a skill I can use all my life." - Senior Engineer, Eskom
Behavioural Excellence Programme

"This programme equipped us with the competence to be more productive and to deal with people-related issues in a mature manner swiftly. This intervention developed us from a "bunch of moaners" to "a bunch of mature senior managers who can solve any people-problems in the best possible way." - Pretoria Metropolitan Council Senior Management Team

"Since the implementation of the programme, the amount of grievances and CCMA cases has dropped by more than 70%. The contributing factor is definitely the HRP, because it empowered our managers to focus on behaviour and not to "name, blame and shame." - Group HR Manager, Sun City

"Being a technical person, my personal skills needed development. This programme provided me with the inter-personal competence to assert myself in my work and life situations. I will transfer these skills to my immediate family, as this will  do wonders for me as a husband and a father." - Traffic Engineer, Tshwane Metropolitan Council