Results Focus & Problem Solving

(Certificate Programme in Partnership with University of Pretoria) 

The outcomes of management assessments highlight the inability of managers to convert ideas into results. These outcomes also highlights a tendency amongst managers to adopt a “fire-fighter” approach to planning and problem solving rather than investing sufficient time and focus to solve the problem as well as the causes of the problem.
This phenomenon of dealing with problems in isolation is one the major reasons why managers find it challenging to thing big-picture and at a strategic level.
This programme will provide managers with practical tools to solve problems holistically.

Content (3-Day Program):

  • Pin-point the problem
  • Analyse the problem at three levels – a systems approach
  • Obtain buy-in to focus efforts
  • Determining critical factors
  • Solutions that address all requirements
  • Finalising the project team
  • Mapping the implementation
  • Coordination and control to ensure goal achievement