Modern Management Toolkit

(Certificate Programme in Partnership with University of Pretoria) 

 The Harvard Business Review of January 2011 highlights three areas where the world’s greatest managers focus their efforts. These areas are:

  • Productive influence
  • Networking to secure resource requirements for performance
  • Optimising Team Performance

Research about leadership best practice also highlights that strategy alone is not enough. Organisations require managerial leaders that can achieve strategies through and with its people.
This programme will focus on enabling managers to align themselves with management best practice.

Content 10- Day Program (Programme can be completed modular)

  • Systems analysis – big-picture thinking to analysis (2 days)
  • Practical Leadership – how to use productive influence to achieve results. (2 days)
  • Coaching for performance (1 day)
  • Obtaining high quality and high ownership decisions – involving people in decisions that affect them through facilitation of group problem solving and decision-making sessions. (2 days)
  • Networking skills for managers (2 days)
  • Optimising team performance – capitalise on the diversity factor (1 day)