Management Development Programmes

 (includes accelerated and fast-track development programmes) 

The PCS Management Development Programmes are:

  • based on international standards;
  • outcomes-based programmes; and
  • modelled and delivered according to the complexity of the level of management.

This approach supports PCS to cater for the following management levels:

  • Potential managers
  • First-line managers/Supervisors
  • Middle managers
  • Senior managers
  • Executives

Modern Management Toolkit

 (Certificate Programme in Partnership with University of Pretoria)
The Harvard Business Review of January 2011 highlights three areas where the world’s greatest managers focus their efforts.


Managerial Leadership

 (Certificate Programme in Partnership with University of Pretoria)
Research highlights the importance of “power” versus “authority”. Daniel Goleman suggested that Leaders who used styles with a positive emotional impact saw decidedly better financial returns than those who did not.


Results Focus & Problem Solving

(Certificate Programme in Partnership with University of Pretoria)
The outcomes of management assessments highlight the inability of managers to convert ideas into results. These outcomes also highlights a tendency amongst managers to adopt a “fire-fighter” approach to planning and problem solving rather than investing sufficient time and focus to solve the problem as well as the causes of the problem.


Management Development Competencies

Research suggests that managers require an array of competencies to be effective in the modern era. PCS identified 38 competencies that can support managers with the changing complexities of the work environment.