Learning & Development

PCS Management Development Programmes

The PCS Management Development Programmes are:

  • based on international standards;
  • outcomes-based programmes; and
  • modelled and delivered according to the complexity of the level of management.

This approach supports PCS to cater for the following management levels:

  • Potential managers
  • First-line managers/Supervisors
  • Middle managers
  • Senior managers
  • Executives


Behavioural Excellence Programme

Ensuring Productive Behaviour at Work
South Africa has improved its position in the latest World Competitiveness Report. There is still one dimension where South Africa finds itself last in this international ranking – the productivity of its people.
Experience in working with teams across all industries highlighted that relationships at work is one of the biggest contributors to negative stress.
PCS has developed an intervention that has supported various top South African and multi-national organisations to improve the productive behaviour of its people.


Effective Self Management

Self-Management or Personal Mastery has been recognised internationally as a key requirement to be effectiveness and efficient at work and in one’s personal life. In order to manage oneself effectively, you need to understand what causes you to lose focus, become distracted or procrastinate. The PCS intervention therefore commences with determining the causes of a lack of Self Management and then continues to enable the delegates to define strategies to address the causes.


Facilitation Skills Programme

The recent introduction of the Skills Development Act has resulted in a paradigm shift that requires a transformation from input-based to outcomes-based learning.
The PCS Facilitation Skills Programme caters for the needs of the diverse adult learning environment of South African organisations.
The programme empowers facilitators to recognise prior learning and experience and to deal with adult learning requirements.
The programme is based on comprehensive research to solve South African problems and also on internationally recognised outcomes for facilitators.
PCS offers two Facilitation Skills Programmes. The one programme caters for facilitators of learning, while the other one has been designed for Change Champions and Managers.


Coaching Skills for Managers & Experts

Coaching forms an integral part of the responsibility of leadership. More than often managerial leaders provide quick fixes to problems and fail to empower people through interventions that enable them to find their own solutions to challenges.
The correct approach to coaching provides managerial leaders with a power tool to empower team members.


Coping with Stress

The PCS approach to coping with stress enables people to deal with their personal realities and adopt an active approach to dealing with the causes and effects of stress.
Our Current Realities:

  • People have to do more with less resulting in continuous pressure at work.
  • Work pressure cascades into personal life resulting in imbalances
  • Diversity in workplace unfamiliar territory for most employees
  • Negative stress results in low productivity and increased absenteeism at work.
  • People who do not cope find it difficult to embark on productive relationships in work teams and in personal life
  • People who do not cope with stress results in a direct cost to company
  • Canada 1994: Cost of non coping employees to business $14 billion
  • USA 1995: Cost of non coping employees to business $56 billion
  • Great Britain: Cost of non coping employees to business £70 billion
  • Absenteeism  in British companies cost £14 million in two organisations 

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