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Self-Management or Personal Mastery has been recognised internationally as a key requirement to be effectiveness and efficient at work and in one’s personal life.
In order to manage oneself effectively, you need to understand what causes you to lose focus, become distracted or procrastinate. The PCS intervention therefore commences with determining the causes of a lack of Self Management and then continues to enable the delegates to define strategies to address the causes.
Effective Self-management becomes a habit and a personal competency when guided by definite goals with regard to what you want to achieve in your life. During the programme delegates will get the opportunity to assess their current life and work balance and define strategies to improve these. We will therefore provide you with the tools to take personal responsibility for being an empowered and accountable person in life and work.
The intervention will support learners in attaining personal goals, and working persistently towards achieving your life’s purpose, regardless of life setbacks, lack of co-operation from others, or environmental "permission". This is not a selfish endeavour, as it supports self-management in others.
This programme goes beyond philosophies and empowers learners to translate philosophies into personal competencies by developing behaviours that support self-management in individuals.